About the Association of Maritime Trainers

AMT - Association of Maritime Trainers is the voice for boating education and maritime training to be delivered by professional qualified maritime trainers. AMT's main objective is to advocate for high standards of boating education and maritime training.


Promoting best practice in recreational boat training. Advocating for competency-based boat and jetski licence training. Promoting safe on water practices and marine environment responsibility. Working with appropriate organisations and maritime authorities to address issues related to boating safety, the marine environment, boating skills and boat training delivery.


Our members are dedicated to the promotion of high quality maritime training. They also take on a committment to maintain AMT's code of practice for safety and quality in training delivery. AMT promotes a co-operative and harmonious relationships between it's member providers. If you suspect that a company within the boat licensing and maritime training industry is acting in violation of AMTs Code of Practice, please let us know.